What Specific Aspects Of Your Findings Can Be Taken To Practice?

Prior to beginning our work on our papers, my peers and I had to undergo a briefing on the basics of writing a dissertation. We were told that as dissertation writers, our main aim is to propagate the literary culture amongst the masses so that the subject does not become an echo chamber of the same thoughts and ideas in a few years.

In order to eliminate this exclusiveness, our aim was to, no doubt, analyse our field of study, but also to make it more relatable and applicable to the lives of the people, who are not associated with the subject.

The cyclicity of behavioural patterns

My topic was the depiction of sexual violence and sexual victimisation as a sequential flow in contemporary graphic novels. My work could, thus, be studied from a:

Where and how to look for dissertation assistance

While I could draw links between my dissertation and everyday scenarios, I was told by my supervisor that most of them were too generic to consider. I had to dig deeper into the links and establish facets of them that had not been explored previously. This was an almost impossible feat for me to achieve, considering that I had only a week till submission day.

I looked for different kinds of dissertation help services, ranging from the librarians reserved for PhD students to sites online that could help me out. The only worthwhile help that I got was from professional writing companies.

Help for dissertation writing UK

The dissertation writing service that I settled on was quite a good one. There were two reasons behind my selecting them from a rather large number of options before me. The first was that they were one of the very few companies, who had verified credentials on review sites and were willing to provide me with samples of their work. Secondly, the fee that they charged was well within my budget.

During my engagement with them, I was asked to keep all lines of correspondence open so that there could be constant communication between me and the writer in order to make the final product to my liking.