What Is Your Next Research Project?

I had to face a very daunting decision, just a few months after completing the submission and other related formalities of my PhD dissertation. I thought I could take it easy, but to my horror, most of my peers had already started working on their next research projects.

I realised that in order to have a sustainable career in academia, I had to prove my worth as more than just a one-hit wonder. I had to keep on delivering amazing dissertations to be remembered as a worthwhile scholar and contender in the academic circle.

Deciding the next project

It was a very long thought-out process, settling on a particular thesis statement for my next PhD level dissertation. If the previous one was a make-it or break-it situation, this would be the project that would cement the status of my career in the academic industry.

I decided to keep my topic in the grey area between literature and the social sciences. So, I chose the topic: Depiction of child rearing and contemporary trends in the practice, as seen in postmodern autobiographical works. This was not only a topic that would pique the interests of eminent scholars, but also had a socially relevant context to it.

How to find online dissertation help

The Internet is a haven of solution for all kinds of problems, and this includes the extremely common one of working on dissertations and research papers, too. In the first attempt on the search engine itself, I came across an option called dissertation writing services, and this was the turning point of my life.

I researched more on this and I found that these companies help you out with all your paper writing related problems by employing renowned experts in the field. Even better, most of the ones I considered charged very little money, compared to the work they did.

Who will write you dissertation?

Finding a person who will help you out with the lion’s share of your dissertation means that the person will have to be someone with more than adequate knowledge in the field, someone who can match up to the PhD standards of the university.

The dissertation writers that you consider must also be someone you feel at ease with, because communication is key in the process. Part of the reason why my dissertation turned out the amazing way it did, because my writer and I were open about our demands and drawbacks so that the kinks could be worked out.