If You Were To Do It All Over Again, What Changes Would You Make?

If your academic line or career is heavily based in research, thesis papers and presentations of similar kinds are something that will be a part and parcel of life. Speaking from personal experience, these papers will require a whole lot of effort on your part to successfully manage to dig out information that is unique and will enrich your paper.

The best dissertation will, inevitably, be the one that contributes the maximum amount of primary, which means completely new and original, information to that particular genre of research. Copying blindly from the Internet is, thus, not an option, at all.

Reading up on the material

While working on my paper on sexual victimisation and sexual oppression, as represented in the form of a vicious cycle in contemporary graphic novels, for my Literature course, I realised that my knowledge of the primary material that includes the genre, the novels published in, at least, the past decade, and the particular works that I would be concentrating on were the biggest sources of dissertation help.

Therefore, reading up on the area of research is a must and, in hindsight, had I, actually, spent more time getting to know what I was researching on than deciding on the topic, itself, I would have fared much better in my scoresheet.

Analysing the key works properly

While working on my paper, I was asked to illustrate my thesis statement by exploring any three specific texts. I did as I was told and after reading through them all, I started working on my paper. Wrong move there. Never in the history of thesis-writing, has anyone succeeded in grasping the concept of a book at once.

You need to go through each text at least twice. The first reading tells you the story that the writer has tried to convey. The second reading is for critiquing the story in a way that it could have been a better version of that story.

Time management is a lesson never learnt

The biggest tragedy, in my humble opinion, of a college student’s life is that you never have enough time. I was told to write my dissertation within two weeks, and the word count was a meagre 1000 words. Besides, since we were freshmen, we were told to take it easy and do our best.

Unfortunately, in between college assignments and volunteering for campus community initiatives, I lost track of time and had to finish my paper overnight, with the help of a significant dosage of caffeine. It is, thus, better to have an alternative ready than to be in this sorry state.

Hiring professional dissertation writers

One of my biggest drawbacks, in retrospect, was to take on more than I could carry. I had a part-time job to get done, an increasing pile of assignments to complete, a never-ending pile of background reading, and language classes as well as other extra-curricular activities to take on for boosting my resume. I should have sought timely dissertation help online, as a number of my friends had suggested to me.

Many of my peers started doing freelance editing jobs at https://writezillas.com/ to help others with their respective papers. At the time, I thought that they would never be able to match up to the standards expected by our professors. Besides, I did not have much money to spare. Later, however, I found out that they get really more for doing these jobs, and going through my friends’ papers, I have to say that they pleasantly surprised me.

Where and how to get qualified dissertation assistance

The first place that I looked for help was my college professor. That is something that I am really thankful that I did, because she helped me understand the complex nuances that is associated with writing a paper like that and what exactly was expected of us. However, I acknowledge the fact that I was rather lucky in this aspect and not all professors are rays of sunshine like mine is.

Instead of turning to the old Internet, I think the library is a minefield for information, and your paper is guaranteed to stand out for the simple reason that nobody else in your class is, probably, going to spend hours in the library. Make sure that you are thorough with your citation, though. Qualified content writers are an excellent way in which I could have, of course, avoided all this mess.