What Was The Most Challenging Aspect Of Your Research?

My personal experience with dissertations was quite a daunting one. My academic career hinged on it, and since it was a peer-reviewed paper, so did my reputation among my colleagues. I had a tough time coping with the structure, language, and the analytical approach, in general. Worst of all, I did not know where to find good help with dissertation writing.

However, the most challenging aspect by far was to cite the secondary materials that I had used in my paper. Citation were never really my strong suit and I struggled with this vital part of my work on dissertations.

Coping with citations

The importance of citations lies in the fact that if you miss even one, a plagiarism issue arises which can land you in a whole lot of trouble. Plagiarism tantamount to academic malpractice, and people have been sued over the matter. Besides, I had to follow a specific format of citation and it was difficult for me to mark the subtle differences between the MLA, APA and Chicago formatting styles, which are the most popular ones.

Citations involve footnotes, endnotes and bibliography. So, every time I had to change something in my paper, I had to alter the entirety of the citations section, which is a cumbersome task.

How to find dissertation help online

Like most students, when I realised that I could not tackle this paper on my own, I sought for dissertation help online. However, dissertations are a bit different from ordinary essay submissions, in that copying blindly from the first site that I got hold of was not an option for me. The material in my paper had to be 100% original, with a few minor secondary cited sources to enhance my argument.

This is when I came across content writing services. I had previously heard my friends mention such services, but I was not aware of what exactly they did or how to employ them.

Professional writers for dissertation proposal help

I got in touch with a few of these companies, and they explained to me that they would basically provide me with the best professional dissertation help, within a set deadline, to help me successfully overcome my challenges. A few of them even sent me samples so that I could assess their quality of work.

Just like any other college student, I am perpetually short of cash, which was why I was a bit hesitant at first. However, they charged really less for their services. To top it all off, I was really happy with the final product and, for once in my life, confident about my citations.