How Would A Policy Maker Be Able To Utilize Your Findings?

Before actually joining my PhD course, I laboured under the impression that opting for such an advanced level of study in a course was only for those students, who were serious about considering a career in academia itself. I did not know that a dissertation could get you into some seriously enviable jobs and posts in the Government itself.

I got to know that if my dissertation got published or I got invited to seminars for reading my paper, I could get noticed by possible recruiters. Moreover, if my paper gave the impression that it could seriously resolve many of society’s issues, I just might land a job.

Social relevance of dissertations

I am a student of sociology and my paper was on the issue of childhood delinquency. In order to write my dissertation, I had to conduct a lot of first-hand surveys and research, for which I had to visit rehabilitation centres for the youth and interact with at-risk individuals as well as foster children.

During the course of all this research, I unearthed a lot of significant information about the problem- what lies at its root, other affiliated problems, what these children become later in life, what exactly the exceptional cases did to turn around their lives, and possible solutions.

How to go about dissertation writing

Before starting to work on my dissertation, I had a battle plan ready. If I found that it was too difficult to get done completely on my own, I would not hesitate to enlist dissertation help. So, I had already consulted the librarian beforehand and asked her if she would be willing to help me out, if and when needed.

I had also bookmarked a few sites online, where I could get valuable help, and articles and journal entries that I could cite in my paper. I also had the numbers of a few writing services kept ready, so that I could contact them as a last resort.

Qualities of a good dissertation writer

The best dissertation assistance that I had, came in the form of my writer. He was a great guy but what, truly, made him a great writer was his following qualities: