How To Manage With PhD Dissertation

Having written a ton of thesis papers and presentations during the course of my life as a grad student, I was confident in my abilities to deliver an equally stunning paper for my PhD. That was a fatal mistake on my part, as I failed to realise that the coursework for a PhD student was a whole different ballgame altogether.

I did, however, manage to write my dissertation after much difficulty. A PhD dissertation will be much lengthier than the usual papers, and the data will have to be analytical and insightful, of which there should mainly exist primary data.

The differences between a paper and dissertation

While working on my dissertation, I realised that there was a vast sea of major as well as minor differences between an ordinary grad-level paper and a dissertation, catering to the PhD supervisor. These differences need to be kept in mind, because otherwise, the submission will be rejected right away.

Organization is everything

From the very beginning, I was told that if my dissertation did not have a sequential flow or a chronological order to it, there would be severe penalisation. Indeed, I had to be almost scientific in structuring my dissertation, although I am a student of literature. A chaotic presentation is not at all appreciated by the supervisor, which is why I had to revise my final draft several times to ensure that it was not written in a haywire manner.

Help is always welcome and necessary

Believe it or not, dissertation help is always appreciated. While working on mine, there were plenty of obstacles that I had to face, plenty of times I felt completely clueless as to what to write and at least seven times, when I felt like throwing up my hands and giving up. Not to mention that surprises I never even knew awaited me, baffled me at every corner.

So, it is nice to have a reliable source of help, who will provide you with accurate and effective instructions and on whom you can rely on without feeling like a burden. For me, that person was my professor.

How to get help from professional dissertation writers

I learnt much later than it would have benefited me that there is an alternative to all this hassle that is nothing short of a dream come true. While searching for dissertation help online, I came across professional and qualified writers, who were willing to provide me with all the help I needed, in exchange for a very meagre sum.

Naturally, I was a bit hesitant at first, but upon further investigation, I found out that these companies are actually a real thing. Plus, they are quite popular as many of my peers had also employed them at the time.

Finding trustworthy dissertation assistance

There are quite a few fraudulent companies out there, who scam desperate students out of their money. So while looking for a dissertation writing service, I made a checklist that had to be completed before I hired a content writer.

The writer or company had to send me a sample of their work first. This way, I could be sure that they have experience in the field and also of the quality of their work. The monetary negotiations also had to be completed beforehand and I paid only 15% of the decided amount as down payment to safeguard my finances.